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What is 

PayPal.Me is a quicker way to get PayPal payments and easier than just share the PayPal.Me link of a store ( to customers, and you can pay for goods and services. If you have a private business Set up PayPal.Me/YourBusiness links and receive payments for goods and services more quickly. Your customers will love the comfort and coverage under the buyer's protection PayPal for eligible items Customers are not required to know your email address. And don't have a PayPal app, just tap your URL, then go to your PayPal.Me link. Enter the amount and make your payment immediately.

How safe is PayPal.Me?

You can get the same standard safety as We automatically encrypt your confidential information while submitting information from your computer to our computer. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol has a key length for encrypting data. 128 bit (as high as commercial use) Before you sign up or log in to a website Our PayPal servers will verify that you are using approved browsers. This requires that the browser SSL 3.0 or higher All information and content is derived from the website. PayPal.Me official Website You can find more information from The PayPal Link's website: Https://

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