Buyer Protection

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Buyer protection

The protection of the capacity

Buyer protection policy of 357 Mae Lai Restaurant If you need more details, please contact us. Or need help from us?  Please contact us.

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Information about PayPal buyer Protection from PayPal official Website Link: Https://

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Shop with confidence

There are 3 easy ways to do this. 

  1. Find your favourite shop
  2. Look for PayPal symbol
  3. Pay more securely using just your email address and password. 

(If you don't have a PayPal account, you can simply press the PayPal logo link right to sign up.) 

Click on PayPal logo

To register for PayPal

It is time to let us know 180 days.

If the purchased item is not received or is different from the seller, you have 180 days to let us know so we can help you.

-You get a different product from your order altogether.
-You order two items, but only get one item-defective or broken items, but don't leave at first-you order authentic goods but get counterfeit products.

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"If not received or received, but not of the purchase. It will be eligible for a refund. "

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Refunds when orders are incorrect

If your order does not reach your hand or differs from the seller specified. We will compensate for items eligible for full criteria.

You are not responsible.

If you are thinking from you in spite of your order, please let us know, we will protect the security of your account. Then perform an instant check.

Troubleshooting Help Desk

If you're There is a problem with the ordered item or think of suspicious action. Please tell us what you're wondering about. Right away